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The certification program is designed to recognize and reward apparel, fashion, and textile companies that are committed to ethical and responsible production practices. Our program is based on the following principles:

  1. Sustainability: Companies must demonstrate a commitment to reducing their environmental impact and preserving natural resources throughout the entire lifecycle of their products.

  2. Labor Rights: Companies must ensure that their workers are treated fairly and paid a living wage. They must also provide safe and healthy working conditions and not engage in forced or child labor.

  3. Transparency: Companies must be open and transparent about their production practices, including the use of raw materials, the location of production, and the working conditions of their employees.

  4. Community Impact: Companies must demonstrate a commitment to improving the communities in which they operate, through initiatives such as education, economic development, and cultural preservation.

To be certified, companies will be required to submit an application and undergo a comprehensive audit of their production practices. The audit will be conducted by a team of independent experts and will include on-site inspections, interviews with workers, and a review of documentation. Companies that successfully pass the audit will be awarded a certification and will be able to use the certification mark on their products.

In addition to the certification program, will provide ongoing support to certified companies, including training, technical assistance, and access to best practices and resources. We will also work to promote the certification program and raise awareness about the importance of ethical and responsible production practices among consumers and industry stakeholders.

By participating in the certification program, companies will be able to demonstrate their commitment to social and environmental responsibility, gain a competitive advantage, and access new markets and customers. Together, we can create a more sustainable and just fashion industry.

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