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We are thrilled to move our events virtual to continue to inspire the fashion and lifestyle community

Virtual Events for Visitors

Below is our faqs as it relates to our virtual events.

Virtual Events for Speakers

All speakers must read our how to’s presenter guide to be prepared for virtual events.


Circumstances have changed the way we do business & communicate. Connect with professionals virtually. Adapt to the new way of doing business & participate in virtual events from anywhere in the world!

How can I join the Virtual events?

Each virtual program has its own registration link with Zoom. Please check the event Calendar for details.

Who can join the Virtual events?

Fashionablyin events are reserved for industry professionals only, please register to get access.

How do I Speak at an upcoming Fashionablyin event?

To speak at an upcoming event, please apply to be a speaker.

What’s Zoom?

Zoom is a free online video conferencing platform.

Do I need to download Zoom?

We suggest you download the Zoom client to participate, but you do not have to. You can open a zoom link in your web browser, but to take full advantage of the program, we highly suggest that you download it to your desktop or mobile device to join.

How do I showcase my products and present my Company at an upcoming event?

To showcase your Company you will need to get a Fashionablyin premium membership.



Suggested Remote Broadcast Equipment

HD 1080P Webcam

Most laptops do not have HD 1080P webcams built it. We suggest you purchase and use an external webcam that meets these specs.

Condenser Microphone

We suggest using a condenser mic to dramatically improve audio quality. Many USB output microphones are available.


Please make sure that you are sitting in a high lighting area. We suggest using lighting, such as a selfie or halo ring light.


Remote Presentation Tips and Setup

Wear professional attire during your presentation. We will be recording remote sessions and you want to look your best.

Consider where you are setting up and what is behind you. It’s not a great idea to sit on a couch or have a messy background. Your camera must be stable and shouldn’t be moving during broadcast.

Avoid interruptions. Try to broadcast from a closed room where pets, children, or partners won’t interrupt your broadcast.


1) Create Zoom Account and Download Zoom Desktop Application

If you don’t have a Zoom account already, go to and click on “Sign Up, It’s Free” at the top right corner. Enter an email address you wish to use and activate your account.

Once your account is active, go to and download “Zoom Client for Meetings.” You must use the desktop application and not the browser application to be a Virtual Fashionablyin presenter.

2) 15-Minutes Before Your Session: Open Your Zoom Meeting/Webinar in the Calendar Invite OR

Approximately 15 minutes before your session is scheduled to begin, please open your Zoom Meeting or Webinar. You can find this link either in the Calendar invite that we’ve already sent you OR by emailing your host.

A member of the Fashionablyin team will open the Zoom meeting/webinar about 15 minutes before the session begins. Don’t close the window if the room is not active yet, please wait for the virtual room to be open.

If you have any questions, please contact your Fashionablyin contact ASAP.

3) Wait to be Made a Co-Host and Change Your Virtual Background

Once the virtual session opens, a member of the Fashionablyin team will make you a “co-host.” Once you’re made a co-host, please turn on your video and change your “virtual background” to the image a team member has already provided you.

To change your virtual background, click the up arrow next to the Stop/Start Video button on the lower left of the screen and select “Choose a Virtual Background. From there find the image you were sent and make that your background.

Note: Not all presenters will be given virtual backgrounds.

Download Default Fashionablyin Virtual Background

4) Session Kickoff and Handoff

When your session is scheduled to start, a member of the Fashionablyin team will introduce you and make a few announcements before handing the session off to you. Please wait for the Fashionablyin team member to introduce you before you start presenting!

5) Tips for Presenting

As you present, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

Participants will enter the room on mute. If you would like them to engage verbally, please remind them to take themselves off mute to ask a question and them place themselves back on mute when finished.

Encourage participants to ask questions during your session using the chat feature. We recommend pausing every 2-3 slides to answer questions from the Zoom chat. Your Fashionablyin manager will help to read questions from Facebook and YouTube or may send them in the Zoom chat.

6) Ending Your Presentation

You must end your presentation at the scheduled time. Thank the audience and provide contact information if they have additional questions. Before you close your session, a member of the Fashionablyin team will say a few remarks.

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